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FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®)

Mercury Walch - Certification of FSC - Nov 2013.pdf

Mercury Walch is certified with FSC® certification. Mercury Walch has taken an active role in promoting sound environment policies being a producer that takes more responsibility for managing the environmental impact of products throughout the product life cycle.

Through FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) the chain of custody certification ensures that paper comes from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Over 184 million hectares of forest have been certified in 35 countries around the world. Chain of custody certification includes Timber producers, Pulp & Paper manufacturers, Paper merchants, Printers and converters and End users.

The chain of custody is managed throughout the Mercury Walch plant from Good Inwards to Despatch through identification, segregation and documentation. Appropriate records are kept and maintained for a minimum of five years. Initial accreditation inspection and regular inspections following accreditation are undertaken by licensed contractors.

Mercury Walch assists its clients in the selection of paper that is from environmentally sustainable sources with FSC®. Mercury Walch works closely with customers and suppliers to reduce the environmental footprint from paper usage and printing processes.

Critical to this is:

  • An in depth understanding of paper stock and paper stock development
  • An in depth understanding and experience in printing processes
  • Internal environmental practices operating under global best practice
  • Environmental audit systems incorporated as part of the supplier management process

Mercury Walch have regular formal updates and presentations from our paper merchants, who also provide training to our sales and estimating staff (and clients) in the latest trends in paper, changes to product ranges and paper environmental credentials.

FSC® CO 31962