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HACCP (Food Safety)

HACCP (Food Safety)

Mercury Walch has HACCP certification. 

The Mercury Walch HACCP Programme is a comprehensive system of risk management applied to the manufacture, printing, storage, dispatch and delivery of packaging materials including labels for use by the food industry.

It covers all activities of the business which impact on the safety of the packaging materials manufactured and printed by Mercury Walch including purchasing and receipt of raw materials, manufacturing and printing of the packaging, and the storage, dispatch and delivery of the finished goods. Specifically, the scope of the HACCP Programme commences from the purchasing of raw materials through to delivery of finished goods.

The purpose of the programme is to identify food safety risks and subsequently control these hazards through an integrated management system of monitoring, recording and taking corrective actions as required.  The programme undergoes routine verification steps and has been based on the HACCP methodology of risk management.

Mercury Walch Pty Ltd is committed to the principles within and therefore the health and safety of consumers.