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ISO 14001

ISO 14001

Mercury Walch has ISO 14001 certification. Sustainability, concern for our environment and upholding the values of a responsible corporate citizen are at the core of all activities within the day to day function of Mercury Walch.

Through staff training and engagement by our staff, Mercury Walch upholds the 4R principles in all areas of its operation – reuse, recycle, reduce and reclaim.

Further Mercury Walch: 

  • Recommend and use FSC certified stocks or recycled stocks.
  • 98% of all paper waste is recycled.
  • Use environmentally friendly toners and recycle all toner cartridges through Planet Ark.
  • Use vegetable based printing inks.
  • Use environmentally friendly spray powders in the press room.
  • Recycle all aluminium plates.
  • Use of environmentally friendly and low volatility chemicals.
  • Chemical storage area is specifically constructed to contain any spillage.
  • Use water efficient equipment for plate production.
  • Adoption of efficient image imposition method to fully utilise the print sheet and reduce off cuts.
  • All packaging boxes are made from recycled cardboard.
  • All plastics are separated and collected for recycling.
  • Emergency spill kits and wall bunding to protect waterways.

Mercury Walch aims to continuously improve our environmental performance and to reduce our environmental impacts through regular review of our activities, practices and procedures.