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NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service


National Park Wildlife Sanctuaries (NPWS) / New South Wales


Annual Passes                     


Permit Pass with A4 Carrier              

Key production challenge:

The key production challenges were to complete all the separate tasks and then combine them all to end up with the one finished product – at any stage if one component went wrong it would ruin all of the other work completed.  The numerous stages are listed below:

  • Print the offset A4 sheets (8 kinds)– 4 colour both sides
  • Foil the A4 printed offset sheets
  • Apply release silicon to the printed and foiled offset sheets
  • Print the letterpress labels – 5 colours (8 kinds)
  • Apply the labels to the printed / foiled / silicone offset sheets
  • Kiss cut the front of the A4 printed / foiled / silicone / labelled offset sheets
  • Apply a variable number (in 3 places) to the A4 printed / foiled / silicone / labelled offset sheets
  • Despatch to 18 destinations in Central and Country NSW – all in a time sensitive timeframe

Reason for winning:

Strong client relationship. The National Parks advised us they were very unhappy with their incumbent Label provider and asked if there was anything we could do to take away the pain. The customer was looking for a label that would release off the substrate with ease and not disfigure or tear. We were confident that with further testing out of Tassie that Mercury Walch would come up with a favourable result and we did! Our team were very patient throughout the testing process and ultimately came up trumps with a product only a small handful of suppliers in the country can produce.