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Beer Cartons (Carry Packs)

Beer cartons (carry packs) made from carton board (not fluted board) come in many shapes and styles and Mercury Walch is experienced in supplying to a host of different markets, localities and clients.

Beer cartons (carry packs) are used by many different clients for similar purposes including: beer, cider, water, fruit juice and soft drink.

Cartons we supply vary greatly from simple one and two colour cartons to more complex 6 colour cartons with varnishes or laminates. 

Cartons vary in shape and size and depending on four basic specifications – weight of product going inside the carton, how it is packaged (by hand or by machine), where it is to be stored and how many you need – gives us the information we need to make the right recommendation for you and your product.

For a number of years we have been manufacturing, after having designed a unique Beer Carry Pack, for a well know Hobart brewer.  The unusual part of this design was the weight of the beer bottle that had to go in the carry pack – it was much heavier than usual – with the other ‘odd’ part of the design was that it had to be a 4 pack not the usual 6 pack.  Our design team set about finding the solution and after a number of options were trialled and came up with a unique design that met all of our clients’ criteria 5+ years later we and our client are still in full production making beer carry pack cartons – and more importantly the client is still making and selling his beer.

If you have a Beer Carry Pack carton query or problem that you need solved please contact our Sales Team and they will work with you to find the right solution.