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Folding cartons made from carton board (not fluted board) come in many shapes and styles and Mercury Walch is experienced in supplying to a host of different markets, localities and clients.

Folded cartons are used for many purposes including: holding your product, displaying your product, attracting the consumer, displaying product information, health protection and general advertising.

We supply folding cartons to the food, beverage, manufacturing and medical industries to name a few.

Cartons we supply vary greatly from simple one and two colour cartons to more complex 6 colour cartons with varnishes or laminates.  Cartons vary in shape and size and depending on four basic specifications – weight of product going inside the carton, how it is packaged (by hand or by machine), where it is to be stored and how many you need – gives us the information we need to make the right recommendation for you and your product.

A couple of years ago we had a National client of ours who sold ‘fast food chickens’ who wanted to up market the way they packaged and sold their fast food chickens.  It was being sold in a basic foil bag and the client wanted to make it so that it could be sold in a carry carton that could be used for a picnic, picked up on the way home from work, taken on public transport – without leaking and something that could display the clients’ colours and logo in full.  Our company worked on a number of styles of carton, number of different print finishes and a number of inner seals (to prevent leakage).  In the end we designed the box to suit the client and then went about having a machine manufacturer make a carton erector suitable for making this particular style of box.  For 4 years we supplied these cartons to a particular fast food outlet chain around the country from Perth W.A. to Brisbane in Queensland and all States in between.

If you have a folding carton query or folding carton problem please contact our Sales Team and they will work with you to find the right solution.