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Fudge Cartons

Everyone loves fudge.  It’s a great Tasmanian tradition of making, selling and eating fudge.

At Mercury Walch we can proudly say we have been making fudge cartons for many Tasmanian fudge producers for over 20 years.

Each one is different – the smallest carton we make is for a 80g block of Fudge.  It’s the carton that sells the product as the consumer cannot see what's inside.

It’s a great way to showcase and advertise your product by having a well designed shape with creative graphics on the carton to drag that customer over to the shelf to buy your fudge.

People love Fudge so you have to give them a reason to choose yours. The packaging will do it!

At Mercury Walch we have many years of experience in the production of fudge cartons for the Tasmanian market

Depending on the style and colour options you might be after, Mercury Walch offers the widest range of options to cover all your needs:  up to 6 colours, metallic or fluoro inks, gold or silver foil, aqueous or uv coated, laminated, on a great range of board stocks and they can be embossed.  The options are endless.

If you have a fudge carton in mind, a query or problem that you need solved please contact our Sales Team and they will work with you to find the right solution.