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Labels come in many shapes and styles and Mercury Walch is experienced in supplying to a host of different markets, localities and clients.

Labels are used for many purposes including: selling your product, attracting the consumer, product information, health warnings and general advertising.

We supply labels to the food industry, beverage industry, manufacturing industry and medical industry to name a few.

Labels we supply vary greatly from simple one and two colour labels to more complex 6, 7 and 8 colour labels with varnishes or laminates.  Labels have different adhesives for different purposes – permanent, removable, repositionable and resealable.  And different top sheets for different purposes – thermal (for overprinting), plain coated or uncoated papers, metallic stocks, clear stocks – in either paper or synthetic depending on the final use and under what conditions they are applied.

For one National client of ours they had a request for a removable label, that would easily come away from their food product wrapper, but then be able to be resealed up to 7 times.  After months of trials and product development in conjunction with our Label material supplier we were able to supply labels to our Client that was adhered to their food wrapper which was then sold to the public and met their very need.

If you have a label query or label problem please contact our Sales Team and they will work with you to find the right solution.